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Disability Income Claims For Architects


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As a working architect, you have to have the capacity to focus on your complex work for long stretches of time. You need to be able to visualize difficult, abstract concepts, apply spatial reasoning and be able to fully plan out and develop your intricate, highly detailed designs. This necessitates having mental capabilities that have not been impaired by illness or injury.

Unfortunately, if you have an accident or develop a medical condition that interferes with your ability to do this work as effectively – or at all – it can have a very negative impact on your family’s income. There are any number of disabling medical conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, brain injury, stroke or mental illness, that can impair your cognitive capabilities to such an extent that you either experience intense fatigue while trying to do your work or cannot perform your work at all.

This is where private disability insurance comes in. Many professional architects are choosing to protect themselves from this potential risk by purchasing this kind of insurance policy. If you choose to do this – and you later find yourself unable to work – you can in theory rely on this private disability income to provide you and your family with the funds you need while you focus on recovery. At least this is how it works in theory.

Unfortunately, the real world situation can be somewhat different than this. Getting the disability benefits you are entitled to from your insurance company in a timely manner can be a difficult process when that insurer chooses to either deny, underpaid or wrongfully delay payments on your disability claim. Often, a denial of a claim is the default response of many insurance companies. Then it can come down to fighting them.

If the company you have a policy with has failed to fulfill the terms of your privately purchased disability income replacement policy, you’re probably going to need to find yourself an experienced lawyer who can take on the insurance company and get what’s rightfully yours. Our Law Offices can certainly do this for you. For more than a quarter of a century, our firm has made a stand against insurance companies and for policyholders.

Our goal is to ensure that policyholders are being treated fairly and that their insurer is acting in good faith. It’s unfortunate fact that most insurance companies are far less concerned about taking care of their policyholders than they are about protecting their bottom line and satisfying their stockholders.

We represent doctors, attorneys, architects and other professionals when they find themselves in dispute in which they are being treated unfairly by insurers who deny their legitimate insurance claims, delay payment or otherwise engage in examples of insurance bad faith. We are proud to use our experience to help these professionals overcome the considerable resources available to large insurance companies.

We are well known for our ability to tackle complex, and extremely contentious litigation issues in a way that results in exceptional results for our clients. Our highly knowledgeable attorneys are of aggressive and relentless in advocating for policyholders who are trying to obtain the disability benefits that are rightfully theirs and that the insurers are refusing to provide.

Be sure to contact our Phoenix disability income claim attorneys as soon as possible so we can get started on your case. Speak with one of our experienced attorneys about how we can help with your disability income claims for architects. Our long-standing law firm serves clients across California and throughout the United States. We welcome inquiries and are happy to consider referrals from individuals or from other attorneys anywhere in the United States.

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