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The most common type of property damage is caused by water. It can seem like just an inconvenience – but given the circumstances, there can be long-term effects that are costly and hazardous to your health. In addition to immediate property damage, you can have long term issues due to things like toxic mold. Experienced water damage lawyers at Fire and Flood Attorneys fight for you when insurance companies deny or underpay your property damage claim. We work for property owners, just like yourself, in order to get compensation if your property has sustained water damage.

Examples Of Water Damage That Leads To Property Damage

Below are common sources of water damage:

  • Storms
  • Natural Disasters
  • Broken water pipes
  • Leaking appliances
  • Roof Leaks
  • Window Leaks
  • Water Leaks

If the damage suffered was sudden and accidental and you’ve been paying your insurance premiums, you deserve compensation. A knowledgeable water damage lawyer can help investigate the cause of the damage and guide you through the complex negotiation involved in property damage claims. It’s important to remember insurance carriers make money – by denying – or underpaying – your claim. When this happens, you need to work with a water damage lawyer to understand whether your property is covered by the policy. If you have a valid claim, you should seek legal advice, you should hire our attorneys to work with you, and protect your rights and legal options. The attorneys at our law firm settle disputes with insurance carriers to make sure that they are not handling your insurance policy in bad faith

Once you’ve filed a property damage claim, an adjuster will assess the property damage and determine how compensation you are eligible to receive to repair the property. If the damage claims are denied, or you believe the settlement amount isn’t fair/accurate, then you need a water damage lawyer to help you challenge the assessment and walk you through the claims process.

If you are a property owner who has suffered any water property damage, you need a water damage lawyer for flood damage or a broken water pipe, contact us for a free consultation at Fire and Flood Attorneys!

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