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Bad Faith Delay in Payment


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Delay In Payment: What You Can Do

A fan favorite of insurance companies is to delay paying out a claim as long as possible. They do this to simply try to get themselves out of having to pay the claim at all. It is almost humorous how easily they accept payments for insurance coverage while at the same time not bothering to work that hard at paying out the claims when they come along. What a wonderful business model that must be for them!

Imagine for a moment that you have just been involved in a car accident. It is scary, but in this scenario we are going to imagine that the injuries sustained by yourself and the other driver were minimal or even non-existent. You both have insurance and your vehicles have sustained significant damage. You would expect that given this scenario your insurance company would take the time to pay out your claim in a rapid manner to you. They know that you are probably shaken up from the accident and do not particularly have time to deal with jumping through hoops with them. However, the exact opposite is true of many insurance companies. Rather than making life a little easier for you, they tend to throw a wrench in the process and drag things out as much as possible.

The insurance company knows that the longer they hold on to the money that should rightfully be yours, the longer they can generate more money off of it. They are greedily hoarding the money that belongs to you in order to try to churn up a few more dollars for themselves.

This tactic is not right and any company that operates this way may be in violation of regulations and the law. As an insurance broker, they are supposed to pay out any valid claim made in a timely fashion. Refusing to follow that basic principle really shows their true colors and has some policy holders seeing red.

Some of the signs that you may be dealing with an insurance company that is not taking your claim seriously are as follows: 

  • Not Acting Quickly When Informed Of A Claim
  • Asking For Documentation That Is Not Necessary To Process The Claim
  • Denying Claims That Are Legitimate

Any of these are signs that you are dealing with a company that you should probably avoid doing business with in the future. They are clearly not on your side when it all comes down to it.

Excessive delays can actually harm those who are on the receiving end of them. It can mean that medical bills are not paid or that certain medical treatments are not received in the first place. It can also mean that one does not get a vehicle that they need to get themselves back to work. This small action can have a ripple effect throughout everything that a person does with their day to day life.

Not every company is out there looking to avoid paying its claims out, but these delaying tactics are common enough that there are attorneys who see this kind of practice on a routine basis. They know how to challenge it in court and get legal victories for their clients. Someone who feels that they have been wronged in this way should certainly consider taking the time to speak with an attorney to help make things right again.

An attorney can go after the insurance company to make them pay out for a valid claim that they have been stalling on. In fact, sometimes just the threat of legal action is enough to speed these proceedings up quite a bit. Insurance companies will sometimes just throw their hands up and pay out the claim in order to avoid having to go to court.

Legitimate insurance claims that are not paid out due to delays do not have to come in the form of car insurance. This tactic is used when it comes to health insurance, life insurance, property insurance, and just about any other type of insurance that you can imagine. People are harmed by the companies doing this to them, and yet we often do not speak up enough to have our rights protected. That has to end now. We must take the time to speak when there is something happening that is just not right. We are the only ones who can protect ourselves against illegal practices like this. Getting an attorney to help out with that is just good common sense.

There are plenty of them working right now who would be more than happy to help you. They know the frustration that you must feel when it comes to the fact that you cannot get your money from the insurance company. Don’t allow yourself to continue to stew in frustration. Get an attorney who can help with your situation.

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