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You’ve paid your insurance premiums for years – you finally file a claim, and now your insurance company is bullying you. We understand the frustration. Once we take over you no longer have to worry about the status of your insurance claim and most importantly – we only charge a percentage of what we recover.

Being a victim of fire, flood or water damage that wasn’t your fault can be a stressful, and at times, devastating experience. You shouldn’t suffer through it alone. Fire And Flood Attorneys are here to help you with insurance disputes. We work on a no recovery no fee basis, ensuring you get a fair deal from your insurance provider. Remember, insurance companies are not on your side. If you’re looking for a San Diego insurance claim attorney, fight back with Fire And Flood Attorneys.

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    We work on a contingency basis which means that if we don’t get you a recovery from the insurance company you do not owe us a fee. We charge a percentage of the recovery as a fee.

  • 2. We Can Help With Denied Claims

    If you are covered by insurance and your insurer has wrongly denied your claim, then we can help bring your case to court. Never settle for anything less than you are owed.


    Fire And Flood Attorneys have extensive experience working in Southern California. As we focus on fire and flood cases this has allowed us to achieve a great deal of success in these cases. We look forward to helping you with your claims.

  • 4. A Track Record of Success

    If your business has been affected by water we can help recover loss of profits, loss of equipment, and compensation for loss of client databases. We deal with insurance so you can get your business back on track.

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We Take Over Your Case

Insurance companies have a legal obligation to pay claims. Sometimes, insurance claims can be denied, or even ignored. Insurance law mandates each claim be handled fairly. When companies fail to honor their obligation, you have rights as a policyholder. When you hire our law firm – you’re showing the insurance company you are serious about having your claim paid. With a law firm on your side, it’s virtually impossible for your insurer bully you anymore. Our insurance claim lawyers in San Diego are here to take the burden off your shoulders and get you the compensation you are afforded.

Nationwide Coverage

Our law firm works with some of the best experts in your area. We have an approved group of mitigation companies, contractors, restoration companies, leak detection companies, carpenters, flooring experts, roofing experts at our disposal that use to make sure we get accurate and legitimate estimates for repairs. Relying on the insurance companies experts is a mistake. We have teams of experts and estimators who understand what it takes to rebuild a home from scratch and are willing to back up their opinions should we have to go to a trial. With extensive experience with insurance carriers, we know how to help you get the insurance coverage you deserve.

We Push Back

We’ll help you get compensation regardless of what the insurer has ruled. Property damage disputes aren’t straightforward. They take weeks to investigate and inspect. Many insurers will try to either underpay or deny your claim if the insurance holder doesn’t have the correct insurance policy. At the end of the day, our team of attorneys will look at the facts and evaluate whether you have a valid claim or not. We’ve worked with a number of insurance bad faith cases and our extensive experience will help bring the law on your side. We’ll conduct an unbiased investigation to determine what caused the damage – and bring your case to court in order to recover compensation for damages and loss of assets incurred. So if you need a bad faith attorney, San Diego is home to the Fire and Flood Attorney team.

We Help With All Injuries and Damages

We can help with more than just property damage. If you’ve suffered from personal injury as a result of a fire, or a flood, which wasn’t your fault – then we might be able to get you medical compensation. This is known as non-economic damages – and you may be eligible for medical compensation. If you suffer from physical or psychological issues after the accident, then you may be entitled to compensation which we can help you get. There’s no need to do deal with this process on your own. Our team of bad faith insurance attorneys in San Diego, CA are here to help you!

Hands-down some of the best service I've seen around! I definitely want to applaud Abby and Mr. Eric. They always do the best they can and w...

- Noah / Escondido, CA

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