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Toxic mold exposure can be harmful. In many cases, mold is a byproduct of water in a home, or business. Toxic mold can come from burst water pipes or damage caused by a storm. Remediating toxic mold is very costly, and there’s a number of scenarios that can cause the growth of toxic mold.

Here’s what’s important – your homeowner’s insurance, or renters’ insurance, may be responsible to cover the mold remediation expenses. The insurance may be responsible for the cost of cleaning up the physical damage to the home, and any mold problems. Often, it’s possible to get additional damages for injuries resulting from mold exposure illnesses. Many homeowner’s insurance policies cover mold damage, and mold remediation costs, despite the insurance company’s claim for exclusions. If your insurance company ignores your claim, or delays processing the claim – it could result in additional damage. In some jurisdictions your insurance company could be held liable for additional damages under bad faith law.

If you, or someone you know, has suffered an injury from mold exposure, have one of our experienced attorneys evaluate your case at no cost. Our experienced Los Angeles mold damage lawyers have experience handling personal injury and property damage claims. We can help you by scheduling a risk free consultation in order to educate you more about your rights, and what we think will be the outcome of your claim.


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