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30 Mar By Admin (0) Comment


Excellent response time and efficient service! I received a call from the building manager of a condo I own in San Diego about a flood coming from my unit. I live in Los Angeles and there wasn’t much I could do to get down there and diagnose the problem let alone remediate the issue quickly. Thats when I called Eric Townsend and the team at Fire and Flood Attorneys. It was amazing his response time and his ability to get to the condo that same day to diagnose the problem and bring in the right experts to ensure that my best interest were taken care of. He then took on the insurance claim on my behalf and did an exceptional job in ensuring that all the damage was covered. Eric and the rest of his team were hands on from the beginning and without them, surely this could have been a large and costly headache for me. I have never had to deal with a property damage insurance claim before and I now know who to call or recommend in the future!

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