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Professional And Executive Disability Income Claims

For high-earning professionals or corporate executives, maintaining a good quality of life for yourself and your family is critical – but depends almost entirely on your salary and your ability to work. If you were ill or injured and couldn’t work, your family’s financial situation could quickly become precarious.

To protect from this contingency, many doctors, lawyers, business executives, and well-compensated professionals purchase private disability insurance to replace their income in case of any accident, sickness or other malady. If a policyholder becomes unable to work, an “own occupation” or “any occupation” private disability insurance policy will provide income replacement, up to a level specified in the policy.

This income replacement allows a professional or executive to continue to maintain their quality of life and support their family, without the worry that often comes from permanent disability. In many cases, it also allows the professional or executive to focus on their recovery without being burdened with the urgent need to support ones’ family. These policies are very popular, and many law firms, medical practices, and large corporations encourage their high-ranking staff to purchase them.

While the professional and executive disability income insurance business has proven successful for many insurance companies, it can also be very expensive for an insurer to pay for the replacement income for a high-earning individual. Paying replacement income for a middle-aged corporate executive who becomes unable to work can quickly become an annual bill for an insurance company in the millions of dollars.

To reduce their costs, many insurance companies that provide professional and executive disability insurance income use convoluted tactics to unfairly delay, deny, or devalue claims that are made by policyholders who have become disabled. The stakes in these cases can be very high, with a family’s well-being hanging in the balance.

Our attorneys have years of experience contesting decisions by insurance companies that are designed to deny professional and executive policyholders the replacement income they deserve. This includes litigating against insurance company decisions about ambiguous policy language, unreasonable investigative tactics, and the use of targeted exclusions to renege on the benefits they have promised and that policyholders depend on.

If you are filing a professional and executive disability income insurance claim or your claims is being delayed or denied by an insurance company, our attorneys are here to help. We can work with you to understand your rights, fully investigate your claim, negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a fair settlement, or take your case to court – if necessary. We have strong experience taking on the insurance companies and winning.

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